Πώς θα ήταν ο παγκόσμιος χάρτης βάσει αριθμού ιστοσελίδων;

  • 21 Mar 2016

Τον παγκόσμιο χάρτη με τα μεγέθη των χωρών ανάλογα με το πόσες ιστοσελίδες φιλοξενούν, παρουσιάζει η βρετανική εταιρεία Nominet. 

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How to Protect Your Privacy on Your Mobile Devices

  • 11 Mar 2016

These days, smartphones are a one-stop payment, personal health, work, gaming, productivity, texting, tweeting, Facebook-checking machine. We use them to do just about everything, from mobile banking to navigating new places, to emailing out last minute notes on a project.

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Facebook is exploring ways to be more like YouTube

  • 10 Feb 2016

Five hundred million people spend 100 million hours watching videos on Facebook every day, according to the company's latest update. Previously, the company gave average daily video counts, with the latest tally reaching 8 billion per day.

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A YouTube video that claims Facebook is 'stealing billions of views' is going viral

  • 12 Nov 2015

The video, created by the Munich-based YouTube channel and design studio Kurzgesagt, was released on Monday, shortly after Facebook announced it was generating 8 billion video views each day. Kurzgesagt's video has gotten more than 1.1 million YouTube views in that time.

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5 ways technology is revolutionizing the way we shop

  • 06 Nov 2015

No matter how easy it has become to shop online, sometimes you just want to visit an actual store. Why? Because the in-store experience matters. And it is improving all the time, thanks to technology.

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Google to 'pause' Flash-based adverts

  • 03 Sep 2015

Google's Chrome browser will start blocking some internet adverts that use Adobe's Flash technology, from Tuesday.

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Advanced Analytics with These Google Add Ons

  • 27 Jul 2015

The term Google analytics “add ons” simply refers to features that are not setup by default. If you’re looking to ever get more advanced with analytics it is crucial that you add on a few features to help you dig deeper into your data.

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9 Tips for Faster Wi-Fi Streaming

  • 10 Jul 2015

The cable plan you signed up for promised up to 300Mbps of blistering Internet speed, but reality has proven to be somewhat different. You’re barely topping 25Mbps, Netflix doesn’t work upstairs and by 7 p.m., no one seems to be able to stream anything at all.

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What makes Instagram such a steal for Facebook

  • 07 Jul 2015

When Facebook decided that it would spend a billion dollars (though in reality it turned out to be $715 million) to buy Instagram, a San Francisco-based photo-sharing network, it was a decision that was met with raised eyebrows, some tears and a lot of anger.

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