Website creation

Website building by Urban Communications means high-quality building and promotion services, always at reasonable prices and based on the return on investment for our client.

Not only the enterprises, but also professionals, nowadays, need a well-designed website, as it is the easiest, quickest and the cheapest way of demonstrating products and services, in general. 

Urban Communications offers website building and blog designing solutions, personal, professional and corporate websites with easy and fast user browsing and a modern and high-quality design, which every website or blog needs in order to be in the center of every client’s attention!



  1. We design websites that bring results
  2. We build websites with custom design
  3. We design websites mobile and tablet compatible
  4. We create websites based on your needs
  5. We provide useful back office services for your website’s administration, with just a 1-hour training
  6. We optimize our websites in search engines
  7. We apply fast loading techniques for your website
  8. We provide an integrated support solution
  9. We host our websites in reliable dedicated servers



Urban Communications’ philosophy is building websites that are extremely easy to use both by its visitors and its administrators, who can update their content directly without requiring any technical knowledge!

Our goal is for every website to be easy to use and through its navigation, for every guest to find the information he is searching.



The websites we create are necessarily responsive, which means that their content adapts automatically in every mobile device’s screen. The reason why?

  • Over 56% of Google searches are made by a mobile device.
  • 61% of internet users had a better opinion for the companies, whose websites were mobile friendly.
  • Google ranks higher pages adapting on mobile devices in search results!



At Urban Communications, we believe that a website’s aesthetics and design determines visitor’s impression for the company. We pay extremely attention in the website’s aesthetics, we are going to create for you! In addition, design helps in easier and better comprehension of the information from the guests. 

Before every project, we are proposing alternative designs, whilst, for demanding websites, we create yours from scratch, just like you want it!



A website’s success is determined by its content and the analysis of traffic data. 

In every website we create, we are taking care of: 

  • Implementing every necessary technical operation that refers to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Giving all the important instructions and guidelines, as far as the website’s content in concerned (texts, images etc)
  • Connecting the website with Google Analytics, in order to measure in detail, the traffic and the use made by visitors
  • This way, we guarantee your new website will be fully equipped and ready to go, as soon as it launches!



The work for a website does not end by its implementation. Urban Communications is always by its clients’ side, by providing high-quality support services, which they ensure: 

  • constant updating and security
  • direct guidance for its use
  • enrichment with new features
  • its continuous optimization 

That’s the way we ensure that you will be carefree concerning your website in the future. It is our job to worry about it!