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Social Media Marketing


Social Media marketing and online communication are an integral part of a complete communications strategy that helps businesses in reaching their desired target group and achieving their goals.

Social media have the ability of specific audience targeting and the ability of wide and fast spread of the content.

Take advantage of the know-how, tools, and experience of Urban Communications's team and plan an online strategy with a clear target and countable results. 



The content posted on Social media must be aligned with the general company’s online strategy.

The goal is to give an added value to each campaign, aiming to convert followers to clients/customers.

This can be accomplished with creative and appealing content that, on the one hand, informs the audience about the company's portfolio and, on the other hand, keeps the interest of the followers undisturbed and activates the interaction with them, aiming to showcase the company as the leader in its field. 


Advertising opportunities provided by Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) allow a company to regularly and repeatedly display its content to an even larger audience. This means increasing its brand awareness, without the high cost of traditional media.

With Facebook advertising, we can increase either the impressions of the page (and thus the content that is published to more and more people) or the promotion of specific publications (e.g. a bid) and audiences who have not followed the business Social media page in the past.



All actions in Social Media are measurable! This means you can have a very clear picture of the audience watching your page and interacting with your content.
You can have specific data about your goals. At the end of each month, we send out a detailed report that briefly and easily lists all the key information you want to know in order to plan your strategy for the future.

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