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E-shop Development



Urban Communications’ philosophy for e-shops is to be easy to use for the visitors and its administrators!

Our goal is for you to manage your website, without any technical knowledge.

In parallel, the e-shop must work, in several ways, to achieve this goal.

Moreover, all the features have to function correctly from whatever device the user chooses (whether it is desktop, mobile phone, or tablet)

In our company, building an online store is not a simple matter. We face every single project with attention to detail, by achieving our clients’ business objectives. 

We are aware of the latest technology, so we can be one step ahead of every challenge. 


Have you ever wondered why there are a lot of e-shops with similar products, but only a few of them that actually function?

One of the most important elements to develop a website, is its design, as it is an essential ingredient for a successful user experience (UX). It has to be unique, functional, and customized based on the business’ field and needs.


At the same time, we offer you an easy-to-use and flexible administration option for products, orders, members, clients, and logistics of your e-shop.

Thus, you can use just one platform to manage everything, easily, quickly, and efficiently. 


If the e-shop’s visitor adds a product into the cart, he has to complete his order easily and quickly.

The phenomenon of abandoning the website before completing a purchase is widely known.

There are several steps with various information they have to input, which make users confused, thus they leave the page. 

In Urban Communications we provide an easy and fast completion purchase system for users, by designing easy-to-fill and clear order forms. 


The development of an online business aims to profit increase.

An essential advantage of the e-shops we develop is the detailed sales reports, so you can have a clear picture of your revenues from your e-shop, the products and the categories with the most sales and traffic sources.

By using this information, we can focus on the right target group to increase sales and profit. 


The most important part of an e-shop is, undoubtedly, the products it sells.

Each product has several characteristics, such as name, description, code, pictures, price, dimensions, color, and more.

These characteristics are completely customizable and depending on the needs, there are more options that can be added, like sales season, linked products, products bundle etc. 

Depending on the needs of your business, we adapt product administration, so it serves you the best possible way. 


Orders’ administration and monitoring is an extremely easy process.

Each time you have a new order, your e-shop notifies you with all the necessary information (i.e. purchased products, sending address, payment method, etc) 

So, by tracking the stages of each order, you can keep your customers up to date on the fullfilment of their order.


The online shop can support several payment methods, so you can offer several options to your clients.

The most common ways are pay on delivery, by credit/debit card, by PayPal, Viva Payments or bank deposit. 

We can also implement any other payment method, you will choose to offer. 



The calculation of delivery costs in an e-shop is one of the most demanding procedures for the clients and the online shops’ admins.

Common problems, such as connecting with delivery services and couriers, inaccessible areas, large or heavy product delivery, make the users suffer and deter them from buying from an e-shop, if they cannot calculate the delivery costs easily and precisely. 

Taking these issues into account, we develop solutions for calculating the delivery costs for every senario.

Some of these solutions, we have developed, are: 

  • online and offline interconnection with a courier company
  • set up of delivery costs based on the region (in cooperation with courier companies)
  • calculation of delivery costs based on the weight, volume, type of product etc. 



Like with every business, each e-shop is different, even though it might have some products in common with another one. 

This means that apart from the essential features of an e-shop, we develop solutions for every need, in order to match with business’ philosophy, the way they think its customers should be treated, its products’ features, or its way of use. 

Indicatively, we can add some features for the users, such as a wishlist, a product comparison tool, a favorite products section, and other more advanced features, like a connection with the ERP software, personalized analytics and many more. 



Most of the users, nowadays, are connecting to the Internet through their mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) and this trend keeps on growing as time passes by.

If the website is not responsive, the content will not adapt based on the size of the screen, so several users won’t be able to enjoy the best experience during their navigation.

You can easily understand what this would mean if your online shop wasn’t responsive to every popular screen size.

In Urban Communications, we design responsive e-shops and before delivering to the customer, we carry out thorough checks in every single popular screen size, in order to confirm that all the users will have a nice experience without any restrictions to the supported screen size and type.



The design of an e-shop, is most probably the most useful weapon you have in order to attract potential clients and make them distinguish you from the growing competition.

It is no coincidence that the design of a page affects a lot of customers’ attitudes towards the page and usually, it determines the interaction clients have with it. 

In Urban Communications, we pay attention to design, focused on user experience in every e-shop we undertake, so the final result meets the requirements of the demanding clients in order to distinguish your business and choose you instead of your competitors. 

Some of our keys to success are: 

  • A nicely integrated presentation of your products. The targeted positioning of the appropriate search filters for immediate service and quicker finding of the products that each customer searches for.
  • The addition of call-to-action buttons, so the completion of a purchase requires up to 3 clicks. 


The speed of loading an e-shop, apart from being a factor that affects visitor’s behavior, is one of the most important factors of review from Google and other search engines.

In other words, in case your e-shop is slow, there is no way Google can rank your website in the first page results and consequently, without the appropriate advertisement such as Google AdWords or social media Ads, it will be impossible for your potential clients to reach you.

At the same time, imagine how hard the administration of an online store can be (order management, addition of products, storage administration) if it does not respond directly to the functions assigned to do.

Another important factor that is essential for the success of an e-shop, is security.

A potential client needs to know, before sharing his/her personal information for a purchase, that he will remain secure.

Think about what would happen if your online shop was exposed to the Internet without meeting the necessary safeguards against malware and other threats.

Thus, we offer all the necessary latest security software and we convey integrated checks for security “holes” of each and every e-shop we create before it is finalized.   


In Uban Communications, we make sure that every project we undertake, will meet all the requirements, which can guarantee a long-run optimization of their Google rank.

Our experienced IT professionals, with their many years of experience in developing SEO-friendly websites, ensure that the websites meet all the standards set by all search engines, regarding good placement on result pages and ranking.



The development of a website does not end with its completion!

Urban Communications is always by its clients’ side, by providing high-quality support services, which they ensure: 

  • constant updating and security
  • direct guidance for its use
  • enrichment with new features
  • continuous optimization 
  • That’s the way we ensure that you will be carefree concerning your website and that you can focus on your business increasing your sales. It is our job to worry about the proper function of your e-shop!
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