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Founded in 2008, Urban Communications is an established Digital Business agency with a clientele in Greece, Europe and in many countries around the world. As a trusted business transformation partner, we help our clients achieve their goals using our deep experience in the sector by combining technology with creativity as the best strategy.

Our Vision
We look to the future by building strong foundations as a Digital Developing and Consulting company with many strategic partners. Our vision is to help inspire our clients by activating them to their full potential in the web world.

Customer-Oriented Services
Our main strategy to every project we undertake is to have the customer in the centerpiece.  Achieving consistency in user experience across channels and platforms is of the highest importance to us.

Innovation is one of the key features that drives us. We have developed our own CMS platform – accompanied by standard Add-ons that provide speed, security flexibility, providing the best user experience.

Our extensive client base spanning all through a variety of businesses, in the Greek and international market are a testament to our professional character and reputation.

Business Consultant & Technology Partner
We don’t just develop projects but we design and implement strategies. Providing all the tools to our clients throughout their brand development and decision-making, standing by them as business consultants and partners in their endeavor.

Constantly Moving Forward

We offer professional web solutions, uniquely designed for each client


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Web Accessibility means that people with disabilities as well as people with disabilities can perceive, understand, browse and interact with online content. The possibility of utilization of information systems and electronic information by anyone is technically and legally secured at international and national level.